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Company Formation Malta



Malta's Competitiveness Index Ranked Higher in 2017


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index or the WEF as it is known reports how a country is placed among others from an economic point of view and related sectors. The statements for 2016-2017 engage Malta ahead of Italy, Croatia or Portugal, on the 37th position, showing the improved competitiveness ranking on an international scale. Having a stable and prolific business climate, Malta is an attractive destination for foreigners who want to set up companies. Knowing the regulations and the guidelines in this matter, our company formation agents in Malta can provide you with the necessary assistance.

Guidelines for Tax Incentives for Companies in Malta


A favorable tax regime and a business environment suitable for all kinds of activities stand in most cases at the base of company incorporation in a certain country. This is also the case of Malta, a state in which the foreign investors are encouraged to enlarge their portfolios with the help of varied and relaxed incentives. The company registration process in Malta may be explained and also guided by our specialists in company incorporation in Malta.

Malta to Attract New Tourism Partners from Abroad


With several business meetings with potential partners activating in the tourism sectors, the Malta Tourism Authority set new goals which regard how this important industry can expand in the next years. According to Konrad Mizzi, the Minister for Tourism, Malta registered impressive performances in 2016 in this sector, and there are numerous reasons to consider that future collaborations with tour operators, airlines and travel agents from around the world will highlight the country’s strong potential on the market among powerful countries. Entrepreneurs who want to register companies in Malta in the tourism sector or in any other field can talk to one of our company formation specialists in Malta and solicit details in this matter.

Taxation of Different Types of Intellectual Property in Malta


With a preferential tax system for intellectual property, Malta attracts numerous investors who want to benefit from the advantages in this field. There are numerous tax exemptions for incomes generated from all types of activities considered creations. Registering a company in Malta is also beneficial from many points of view, but the main requirements can be explained by our company incorporation agents in Malta.

Online Food Platforms to Develop in Malta


With an overall busy life, due to many hours spent at work, people in Malta prefer the services offered by all kinds of catering firms. Numerous entrepreneurs observed the expansion of the phenomena and decided to explore the domain, contributing this way to a continuous development of the online food platforms. If you are a business person who wants to activate in this important field, we suggest you address to our company formation agents in Malta, a team who can help you establish your business in the country.

Maltese Business Tourism Sector Rose by 47.9% in June


Malta does not only attract tourists who comes here for the sightseeing, but also foreign investors who come here to set up companies. In other words, business tourism is another way in which Malta attracts a great number of visitors. This number has increased in the first summer month of this year by 47.9%. If you are thinking about setting up a business in tourism, our company formation advisors in Malta can help you register a company.

Malta Reported the Highest Economic Surplus in the EU at the beginning of 2017


Malta has been one of the most prolific economies in the European Union for some time now and the latest report issued by Eurostat confirms that. The first quarter of 2017 brought Malta the highest fiscal surplus among all EU countries. Foreign investors interested in doing business in one of the top economies in the EU want to open companies in Malta can rely on our company registration services.

Malta and France to Deepen Commercial Relations


Malta and France have had close economic relations, however the National Bank and the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce consider there is still room for enhancing their cooperation in order to provide businesses in both countries with new investment opportunities. This is how a new agreement between Malta and France was signed close to the end of May. Our company formation agents in Malta can offer information on the country’s trade agreements with France.

DBRS Confirms A Rating for the Maltese Economy


At the end of April, DBRS, one of the most prestigious credit rating agency in the world, has confirmed Malta’s A rating for the long-term foreign and local currency. This rating reflects Malta’s position in the European Union. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country can rely on the services offered by our Maltese company formation consultants.


Malta to Launch New Single Business Inspectorate


First announced last year, the new inspectorate verifying newly registered and existing businesses in Malta will be inaugurated this year. The main purpose of this inspectorate is to speed up the licensing process of companies waiting to start their activities after being registered with the Companies Registrar. Our company incorporation consultants in Malta can guide foreign investors interested in starting a business through the company registration procedure.

Malta Announces New Projects Related to the Energy Industry


The Malta Business Bureau has announced the launch of the Investing in Energy Project which will match energy suppliers with companies seeking to increase the energy efficiency of their business. Apart from this project, the Maltese government has also announced the expansion of the PV (photovoltaic) scheme for private consumers in the country. Our company incorporation consultants in Malta can offer information on the PV program.

Malta to Enable New Platform to Assist SMEs


The Maltese Chamber of Commerce and the government have agreed upon the launch of a new platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through which these companies will benefit from assistance when planning their exports and the internationalization of their activities. The assistance will come under the form of financing. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in this country.

IMF: Malta Is One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the EU


A recent report issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows Malta remained one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union in 2016. The report indicates Malta has had sound macroeconomic policies during the last several years which have resulted in positive results for the economy. Our company formation consultants in Malta can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country.

The Number of Tourists in Malta Grew in December 2016


Tourism remains one of the strongest economic sectors in Malta, according to the National Statistics Office (NSO) which has reported an increase in tourist numbers in December 2016. On a year to year basis, this number grew by 32.8%, surpassing expectations. The number of investors opening restaurants or hotels has also increased, considering the development of this industry over the last few years. Our Maltese company formation consultants can assist foreign investors seeking to open restaurants or hotels in this beautiful country.

Fitch Predicts a Positive Outlook for the Maltese Economy for 2017 and 2018


At the middle of February, Fitch Ratings, one of the largest credit rating agencies in the world started issuing its predictions for several European countries, among which Malta. The agency rated Malta’s long-term foreign and local currency issuers at A and also predicted a positive outlook for the country’s economy. Foreign investors interested in starting a business here can rely on the company formation services provided by our consultants in Malta.

Malta Maintained Its Attractiveness for Foreign Investors in 2016


Without a doubt, Malta remained one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors in 2016 considering the National Statistic Office’s analysis. The first half of last year saw significant increase of foreign direct investment (FDI) compared to the same period of 2015. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can offer information on the legislation on foreign investments.

The Maltese Retail Industry Reported Substantial Growth in 2016


2016 was a good year for the Maltese retail industry with 72% of the retailers reporting an increase or the same sale values compared to 2015 and 2014. Out of  all the retailers surveyed only 175 respondents announced a small decrease in sales numbers. Traffic and competition were the main hurdles encountered by Maltese companies last year. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the retail industry, can rely on the services provided by our Maltese company formation representatives.

Malta to Improve Listing Conditions on the Capital Markets


In the autumn of 2016, the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) announced the launch of the National Capital Markets Strategic Plan which was put for public consultation at the middle of December. The initiative aims at making the MSE more visible at global level and European level, but it is also a plan, as its name says, which is meant to lead to the enhancement of whole processes related to listings. Our company registration agents in Malta can offer information on the legal framework related to listing on the MSE.

Malta Ranked First in EU Top for High-growth Enterprises


Statistics show that Maltese companies are best placed in the European Union’s high-growth enterprises chart for two years in a row now. 2014 and 2015 have brought a significant increase in economic performance for companies in most sectors in Malta, according to statistics. Our company registration agents in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to start businesses in this country.

2017 to Bring New Funds for SMEs in Malta


The Government is keen on assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) after several reports have shown these predominant among all the companies registered in Malta at the moment. Moreover, the decision comes after the central authorities have modified the law related to family businesses which also represent a great number of SMEs. Our company registration agents in Malta can assist foreign investors interested in opening businesses in this country.

S&P Explains Why Malta's 2017 Budget Is Good


The new 2017 Budget which was recently released by the Maltese Government was recently explained by Standard and Poor’s (S&P), one of the largest credit agencies in the world. S&P offered these explanations because it also upgraded Malta’s credit rating from BBB+ to A-, at the end of November. Our company registration agents in Malta can also offer information on the tax incentives provided by the new 2017 Budget.

Aquaculture, an Industry for the Future in Malta


Malta is a renowned maritime centre in Europe which is why the number of companies in the maritime industry has also grown during the last few years. An interesting fact is the fast development of the aquaculture industry starting 2015. Even if foreign investors had started opening fish farming companies a few years back in Malta, the sector became visible in 2014 when their incomes began increasing gradually. If you are interested in opening a company in Malta, our company registration agents can assist you.

Malta Rises 8 Places in the Global Competitiveness Report


Malta is a small European country on the Old Continent, however in the last several years have started to become more and more visible at international level due to the Government’s efforts to offer an attractive business environment. These efforts are paid every year that Malta ranks higher in the indexes issued by prestigious associations and institutions all over the world. In 2016, Malta rose 8 places in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index (GCI). Our company registration agents can assist those who want to open a company in Malta.

Malta Launched Two New Funding Programs for SMEs


For the 2014-2020 period of time, Malta has enabled a sustainable program which would lead to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). During the first two years of the program, several schemes were launched, schemes which have turned out very successful. Recently, the Maltese Chamber of Commerce announced two new programs meant to assist companies in Malta. Our company registration agents can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in Malta.

The Maltese Government Released the 2017 Budget


At the end of October, the Maltese Government released the new 2017 Budget. Among the aspects of the new budget, the authorities wanted to emphasize several incentives for companies operating in Malta, as well as the renewal of several schemes which have proved successful during the last few years. The Maltese Chamber of Commerce also announced that a large portion of these measures will be implemented before the end of 2016. Our agents can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in Malta.


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