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Malta Reported the Highest Economic Surplus in the EU at the beginning of 2017

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-reported-the-highest-economic-surplus-in-the-EUMalta has been one of the most prolific economies in the European Union for some time now and the latest report issued by Eurostat confirms that. The first quarter of 2017 brought Malta the highest fiscal surplus among all EU countries. Foreign investors interested in doing business in one of the top economies in the EU want to open companies in Malta can rely on our company registration services.

Malta surpassed Germany and the Netherlands

While there is no doubt that Germany is the European Union’s engine, it isn’t impossible for other smaller economies like Malta to register better results. Moreover, at the beginning of the year Malta did not only exceed Germany’s economic surplus, but also the Netherlands’. Malta reported a 3.5% surplus to its Gross Domestic Product, while the other two countries have had both a 1.5% excess. In numbers, Malta has registered a 44,2 million euros fiscal surplus in the first quarter of 2017.

This result was a consequence of the debt decline registered by Malta during the same period of time. Malta reported a 2.9% decrease in the debt ratio which was the 4th highest decrease rate in proportion with the GDP.

The Minister for Finance confirm the Eurostat report and noted that the government is committed maintaining a positive balance in the near future.

Our Maltese company formation advisors can offer more information on how to start a business in this country.

Government investments also rose during the first quarter of 2017

The good economic results registered by Malta are also due to the implication of the government which had a total revenue of 46.5% of the GDP which was slightly higher than the income received in the last quarter of 2016. Nevertheless, the expenditure also rose, the government investing 47.4% of the GDP.

This comes after the increase reported by governments in all EU countries. The total revenue registered in all EU countries was 45.2% of the GDP in the first quarter of this year, 0.1% higher than the surplus announced at the end of 2016.

Foreign investors interested in starting a company in Malta can choose industries like manufacturing or tourism which are very important economic sector. Do not hesitate to contact our company registration agents in Malta if you need help in registering a business.



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