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Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Frequently-Asked-QuestionsMalta welcomes foreign investors which is why the Government has created a very appealing legislation. However, many of them have certain questions regarding the company registration process in Malta. Below you can find the answers to the most frequently answered questions by our Maltese agents.

1.Can a non-resident start a company in Malta?

Yes, a foreign citizen can open a company in Malta.

2.Does the company have to be based in Malta?

Yes, the company must have a registered office in Malta, however, foreign companies may also open branch offices in the country.

3.What types of companies can I open in Malta?

The following types of companies are available for registration in Malta: private and public companies and general and limited partnerships. However, the most employed type of business entity is the Maltese limited liability company.

4.What is the minimum share capital in Malta?

The minimum share capital for opening a limited liability company in Malta is 1,165 for private companies and approximately 46,600 euros for public companies.

5.What are the basic steps for company incorporation in Malta?

The main steps for opening a company are reserving a company name with the Malta Trade Register, having the Memorandum and Articles of Association drafted, depositing the share capital, obtaining a business license and tax identification number and opening a bank account.

6.What are the documents needed for company incorporation in Malta?

The most important documents to establish a company in Malta are its Memorandum and Articles of Association. They can be drafted by our company formation agents in Malta. You will also need to submit the details of the company’s shareholders, managers and secretary.

7.How fast can you incorporate a company in Malta?

The company incorporation procedure in Malta should not take longer than two days. However, more time is required before receiving the trading license.

8.Do I need special permits and licenses in Malta?

Yes, depending on your type of activity, certain licenses or permits could be required.

9.How can I open a bank account in Malta?

You can open a bank account in Malta based on your passport and an utility bill as proof of residential address. For corporate bank account you will also be asked to submit a copy of the company’s incorporation documents and a certificate of good standing.

10.What are the taxes that I have to pay in Malta?

The taxes to be paid in Malta can be divided into the income tax, the corporate tax, the value added tax and municipal taxes. However, Malta has one of the most advantageous tax systems in the EU based on significant tax reliefs.


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