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Open a Forex Company in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 26th July 2022

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Open a Forex Company in Malta
Forex in Malta can operate in the form of investment companies, not before obtaining the specific licenses for this industry. The Malta Financial and Services Authority or MFSA is the institution that supervises financial operations in Malta and approves activities in this field. If you want to open a Forex company in Malta, we invite you to discuss all aspects with one of our company formation agents in Malta. We have experience in this field and can take care of the formalities related to Forex in Malta.

What can you do with Forex company in Malta?

Forex or foreign exchange is the largest financial market that involves trading that can exceed USD 2 trillion every day. Forex in Malta is not limited to a single currency because all currencies available in the world are accepted. Being a decentralized market, there is no physical location, and Malta Forex brokers can negotiate or mediate the listed businesses.
A Forex company in Malta can be involved in various investments and can offer specialized services to those interested in forex exchange. Malta Forex brokers can be of use to you in this regard, if they are licensed, first of all. As for opening a Forex company in Malta, here are some formalities:
  1. Application for an Investment Services License is an important document for this type of business. One of our agents can draft such a document.
  2. Articles of Association or Partnership Agreement are required to open a Forex company in Malta.
  3. A covering letter is needed as well as a supporting Board Resolution to be able to launch the business.
  4. It is necessary to prepare a profit and loss balance sheet for 3 years. You must also provide comprehensive information about the operational structure of the Forex company in Malta.
Our company formation agents in Malta can tell you more about Forex in Malta if you want to make investments of this kind. We can also help you apply for Malta Forex brokers licenses.

Malta Forex brokers – what licenses are required

The MFSA is the authority that issues the Forex broker license in Malta. Practically, this statute allows you to engage in exchange activities on the market and to coordinate foreign investments, according to clients interested in this aspect. There are 4 categories of Forex licenses in Malta, depending on the responsibilities of the applicant. Here is how these license categories are explained:
  • Category 1 is necessary for agents who want to offer business advice, but without having control over the investors' assets. This is the most popular category and chosen by Malta Forex brokers.
  • Category 2 addresses Malta Forex brokers who can control the clients' investments, money, or assets.
  • Category 3 assumes the same responsibilities as category 2, with the mention that Malta Forex brokers can deal with their accounts.
  • Category 4 addresses collective investments. They can be controlled and supervised by trustees or custodians.

Choosing the right services for Forex in Malta

Having an impressive status in the financial field, Malta is chosen by foreign investors for business safety, protection, and a stable climate. And to get an idea in this regard, you can browse the following statistical data:
  1. The real GDP in Malta is expected to reach 4.9% in 2022.
  2. Net exports and consumption are key elements for economic growth in 2022, in Malta.
  3. Inflation in Malta increased moderately in 2021, by approximately 0.7%.
  4. Around 97% of the total FDI in Malta was absorbed by the financial sector in 2020.
Do you want more information about Forex in Malta and how to activate in this field? You can contact our company formation agents in Malta for all the information.

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