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Company Formation Malta



Why Is Malta an Attractive Country for Investors?

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Malta is a small, but a well-developed country located in the Mediterranean, at the confluence of Europe and Africa. The main elements that make Malta attractive for investors are the business environment and the taxation system which transformed Malta into a tax-heaven. The official languages are Italian and English, which are an advantage for the business environment, the tourism and also for the multi-lingual workforce.

Malta as a foreign investment destination

Malta is now a member of the European Union which has led to the increase of its export market, as foreign investors setting up companies take advantage of the facilities offered the country’s freeport. The Government also has offered numerous incentives throughout the years which has contributed to the large number of foreign investors coming to Malta during the last years. The Government has also enabled various programs in order to attract foreign direct investment.

Our company formation consultants in Malta can provide you with information about the latest investment schemes undertaken by the Government.

Foreign investments in Malta

Foreign investors will be attracted by the geographical position Malta has in the Mediterranean that will help entrepreneurs wanting to invest their money in tourism. Malta lies between Europe and Africa which makes it a meeting place for different cultures.

By far, the most attractive factor in Malta is the taxation system that offers a lot of possibilities for companies. Malta has signed double taxation treaties with more than 50 countries. These treaties ensure that the profits companies make in Malta are exempt from taxes in their resident countries.

Also due to Malta’s full imputation taxation system, even if the corporate tax rate is set at 35%, the tax is actually taken down to much lower values due to the participation holding shareholders are allowed to have. For example, shareholders are entitled to ask for refunds of the 6/7th part of the tax on dividends, therefore the tax will be taken down to 5%.

Malta is very attractive for pensioners also, as the laws grant foreign pensioners who move to Malta a tax of 15% and the pensioners’ capital gains or incomes in other countries are not subject to taxes in Malta.

The video below presents the main advantages foreign investors benefit from when opening companies in Malta:


Other advantages for investors in Malta

As mentioned above, the workforce in Malta is highly appreciated due to the fact that English is an official language, but Maltese people also speak Italian, German or French.

Maltese people are very educated and well trained which make these qualities very important when searching for workforce in Malta. Maltese companies benefit from a large pool of skilled workforce that will deliver motivated employees.

The quality of education is a key factor leading to qualified workers. Malta offers great possibilities in terms of legislation when it comes to work for non-residents.

The main sectors worth for investment in Malta are: electronics, pharmaceutics, communications, agriculture etc.

Malta’s infrastructure is another strong point as it is very developed, and so are Malta’s flight connections with many countries.

The living standards are very high but have a low cost, with a lot of cultural sites and shopping centers.

If you want to open a company in Malta, our company incorporation agents can provide you legal assistance.



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