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Work and Residence Permit in Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Work-and-Residence-Permit-in-MaltaCitizens of EU member states are allowed to work in Malta without a work permit but they need a residence permit, while citizens from non-EU countries will need both work permits and residence permits.

The work permit in Malta

As mentioned above, EU citizens do not require an employment license to work in Malta, but companies must firstly look for suitable candidates among Maltese citizens before employing other EU nationals.

For non-EU citizens, the work permit is required. The Maltese work permit will be granted temporarily and it must be renewed every one to three years. Employment licenses in Malta will be granted only if they have three years experience on the position they’ve applied or a professional qualification. However, the employer will be the one submitting the application for the work permit and together with it the employer must also submit a proof of search for candidates among Maltese, Swiss and EEA citizens.

Work permits are issued in Malta by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC).

Aside from the work permit, all foreign citizens must apply for a residence permit when coming to work in Malta.

The ordinary residence permit in Malta

The application for a residence permit in Malta must be submitted three months prior to the applicant’s arrival in the country or at most three months after the applicant has entered the country. The residence permit is provided based on the Immigration Act and only if some requirements are fulfilled.

These requirements are:

- the applicant must be employed in a Maltese company or self-employed;

-  the applicant must pass a test of economic self-sufficiency;

- the applicant must attend social integration courses;

- the applicant must spend at least six months during one year in Malta (in cases of long residence permit, the applicant must stay at least 10 months throughout a period of five years)

- the applicant must rent or buy a property;

Once the permit has been granted, the applicant will receive a European e-residence card issued by the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs. The European e-residence card can be used as an identification document as well.

The permanent residence scheme in Malta

The Malta Permanent Residence Scheme was enforced to attract people who want to become a permanent resident of Malta. The permanent residence scheme is more appealing to persons wanting to transfer their tax residence in a country with a flexible taxation system.  Malta is known as a country where people can benefit from a very good lifestyle.

According to the new regulation for obtaining a permanent residence in Malta, applicants must meet the following requirements:

- contribute to the National Development and Social Fund with the sum of 650,000 EUR. 70% of the sum would go to the National Development and Social Fund and will be invested in education, job creation, healthcare and research;

- purchase a property of at least 350,000 EUR or rent a property of at least 16,000 EUR per year for at least five years.

- invest in bonds and stocks approved by the Government for at least five years. The value of the investment must amount up to 150,000 EUR.

For details about the new permanent residence scheme or if you want to invest in Malta, you can contact our company formation agents.



  • Maria Chu 2015-08-29

    May I ask if for example the ETC Licence of a third country national is cancelled because he resigns from his job, does it follow that his residence card is also cancelled? If so, does it mean he cannot travel within the validity period of his residence ID and has to leave Malta as soon as possible? Thanks

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