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Company Formation Malta



Register a Company in Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Malta has become a very attractive company registration destination because of the tax advantages and legislation on foreign investments it offers. Foreign enterprisers can select from a wide variety of companies when opening a business in Malta. The available types of legal entities to be registered in Malta are:

  • -          limited liability companies, which can be private or public,
  • -          partnerships, which can be general or limited.

Foreign enterprisers looking to develop a small scale business have the possibility or registering as sole traders in Malta. Foreign companies can incorporate subsidiaries or branch offices under very advantageous conditions in Malta.

Company formation in Malta

The most important documents related to company registration in Malta are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. If the Memorandum will contain provisions about the establishment of the company, the Articles of Association are the documents containing all the information about the company:

  • -          whether it is public or private,
  • -          who the shareholders are,
  • -          the name of the company,
  • -          the company’s registered address in Malta,
  • -          the objects of activity,
  • -          the share capital,
  • -          details about the directors,
  • -          details about the company secretary.

Maltese public companies must also add documents related to all the start-up costs and a description of any special advantage granted during the formation process. Considering the Memorandum and Articles of Association are very important it is recommendable to request the services of agents in company formation in Malta to draft them.

The video below presents the main steps required to register a company in Malta:

Company registration steps in Malta

Once the documents have been prepared they will be submitted with the Registry of Companies in Malta. The requirements for opening a company in Malta are:

  • -          the company must have a registered office in Malta,
  • -          the minimum share capital for setting up a private company is 1,165 euros,
  • -          the minimum share capital in the case of public companies is approximately 46,600 euros of which 25% must be paid upon incorporation.

All Maltese companies must have at least one secretary. The private company must have at least one director, while public companies must have at least two directors.

The company registration procedure is completed once the company has obtained its business license and has registered for taxation and VAT with the Maltese authorities.

For assistance with the company registration procedure you can contact our Maltese agents.


  • Malikzada 2015-01-09

    I am a Pakistani national and intend to form a single member private limited company please let me know detail of expenses/investment it is all for immigration purpose Also advise possible option for work permit, I had 20 years professional experience as accountant and corporate lawyer

    Hello Malikzada, you can send us your request at office@bridgewest.eu and one of our specialists will answer you.

  • Gerard Mcloughlin 2015-04-26

    Hello I would like to open a Ltd in Malta Kind regards Gerard Mcloughlin /Owner

  • Christina 2015-11-23

    If I wanted to register a business simply to obtain VAT# and be able to charge money and give receipts for a service in which goods are not exchanged, and yearly income would be less than 19000 would i still need to register?

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Starting a company in Malta can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from CompanyIncorporationMalta is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area.

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