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Company Formation Malta



Casino Registration Malta

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Malta is among the favorite countries for opening online casinos within the eFinancial Services sector. It was also called “Europe’s eGaming capital”,and thus becoming one of the greatest players in the online gaming business and ICT (information and communications technology) field. The country is suitable for online gambling and online betting services, and based on the acquiring the appropriate license, one can offering easily set up an online casino.

 Malta has also signed numerous tax treaties and international agreements that offer easy access to third country markets, such as Asia and North Africa.


What do you need for opening an online casino in Malta?

Maltese casinos must follow the rules of the Gaming Act Regulations of the 7th of August 1998 and it must register with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

In order to open an online casino in Malta, one must apply for a special license which is issued only to companies registered in this country. Certain conditions have to be met before asking for a license for eBetting: the person who owns a large amount of voting capital and the director of the company must be persons of integrity and the representative must have the expertise to operate a casino.

The license needed for e-gaming is available for a period of 5 years and it is renewable for another five years after this period. An annual fee must be paid for it.

The online gaming license will contain:

  • - the name of it,
  • - the date of issuing,
  • - the date of expiration,
  • - the casino’s address,
  •  - the address where the specific documents must be issued,
  • - the maximum number of tables and machines that can be operated under the license,
  • - the minimum opening hours.

You can also watch the video below on how to register a casino in Malta:

License for online casino

There are four classes of licenses that can be issued by the LGA. These classes range from one to four.

The first class license for online betting or eBetting is granted for the lotteries, slots, online casino style games; the second class can be issued to operator offering betting services; the third one is issued to promotion and advertising companies that operate from Malta, such as poker networks, game portals and betting exchanges. The last class of license is issued to companies which do not offer remote gaming operations, but host this type of business (companies that provide the platform for online gaming).

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority is the main entity issuing licenses for opening online casinos, if all the documents are properly submitted no later than 18 months from the initial submission.


Capital requirements for opening a casino in Malta

Companies applying for a remote gaming license are now subject to minimum share capital requirements, depending on the type of license applied for. The capital must be paid up before starting operating. The amounts to be deposited are:

  • -          100,000 euros for class 1 and 2 licenses;
  • -          40,000 euros for class 3 and 4 licenses;
  • -          240,000 euros for companies applying for multiple licenses.


Documents required for the license

The applicants applying for a license to open an online casino in Malta must submit the following documents:

  • - registration certificate of the company,
  • - last year’s audited financial records (if applicable),
  • - copies of trademark registration, if available,
  • - a three-year business plan,
  • - the power of attorney of the representative, if one was appointed,
  • - a declaration form and a standard application (available on the LGA website).

The LGA may also require other documents such as passports, a proof of residence, reference letter regarding issued by the bank for the beneficial owners etc.

Any change in the status of the Maltese online casino, must be notified to the LGA within 14 days.

For other details, please contact our local agents in company formation.



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